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B2B marketing challenges

Have you noticed that all those articles about ‘Best home page designs’ and ‘Best B2B websites’ are chock full of American websites?

Me too. I’m always looking for website inspiration and I’d love to see more Australian examples. So many articles are not only US focused, but they’re often about SaaS businesses, which bears little resemblance to many Australian B2B companies.

So I’ve scratched around and put together my own list of Australian B2B websites that I think are doing something well. It was a bit of an eye-opening exercise though as it really brought home the vast majority of B2B marketing is bland (if not boring).

But here are a few of my picks.


Legal services

Law firms are known for being dry, conservative and, how shall we say it, a bit staid. But the imagery and copywriting on the Moores site takes a step away from the legal comfort zone.

Eye catching images. Zippy copy. Their whole value proposition centres around a ‘different’ pricing model, and their marketing reflects this.

What I’d change: More could be done with the home page – a stronger call to action for a start.


Digital marketing

While this digital marketing agency sorry creative company, site does all sorts of interesting things with layouts and snazzy graphics, it’s the home page banner that caught my eye. Not because it showcases customer work, that’s pretty standard. But because it does it in an emotive way. This shouldn’t be the domain of B2C marketers, but it usually is. From aspirational school students, historic buildings, and cute kids who need extra help, this site draws you in from the get-go.

What I’d change: I’m not a huge fan of some design features – they’re a bit too cool for me to find them highly usable. The hidden then giant menu for starters, and the grid-style content layout on the home page.


Security technology

This company is compelling – especially compared with its peers. Check out the bold imagery, the contrasting colours. But more than that – take a look at how they describe themselves. “Ivanti is where IT goes to get work done…. Ivanti is in the trenches with you….” Finally, something that isn’t super-boring! They use a storytelling technique to hook you in, and isn’t it more readable than the typical corporate description? I want to lock John out of the IT systems, too.

What I’d change: I’m finding something to pick at here but some of the secondary images are very typical stock photos.

Building IQ:

Energy technology platform

There’s nothing radical or different about this site. It’s the quiet achiever – clean and functional. It has the balance right – not too much information to overwhelm and a nice amount of white space. This is something that seems simple – but it’s actually very difficult to get right.

What I’d change: The video on the home page was a let down. Amateur production and dives into technology immediately without telling any story. The copy on the site also doesn’t make it immediately clear who the target audience is.

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