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Read this before you rebrand

If you’re about to embark on a branding project, you need to know that branding is much more than picking a new logo and a set of colours.

The best brands have the following in common:

Their branding differentiates them.

They have a strong, clear position in the market.

They stand for something.

They know exactly who they’re selling to.

The customer experience backs up the brand.

Their messaging is unique and consistent.

Their marketing strategies are in line with their branding.

They have a great story to tell.

All of these things take a well-thought-out brand strategy.
If you want to make your brand really count, let me help you create something special.

How it works


A workshop with your key staff helps to shape your brand direction

– where it is now, and where it can go in future. We explore a whole range of different strategic topics, in a fun and thought-provoking way.


Competitor and customer research

helps to gain third party input into the market so you know how to best position against competitors and in line with what’s most important to customers. It’s here that we explore what really counts – how customers currently see you.


Your branding strategy is presented in person and as a living document. It covers:

  • Competitor analysis
  • Customer research
  • Branding strategy, including identifying your brand values
  • Target markets and buyer personas
  • Brand positioning
  • Brand messaging and brand story

What happens next?

Typically we then move on to your B2B marketing strategy, which focuses on how to reach your target market and achieve sales goals. It’s here that we look at how to refresh your marketing materials, including finding the right graphic designer if needed.

Better together

For branding, I work with a close colleague and Brisbane-based branding expert – Janelle Mangan of Brisbane’s Extrahand Communications, who has helped hundreds of companies redefine their branding. She’s an expert at tying business and brand strategy together, and often helps CEOs work through both.

A branding strategy doesn’t always mean a new logo.
Sometimes it’s a question of repositioning, remessaging and working around what you’ve already got. It does make a difference. It gives your company a much stronger sense of who it is. It informs your decisions, as you’ll always know whether something is ‘on-brand’ or not. It guides your marketing strategy and feeds into your business strategy.

We were impressed by the combination of Janelle’s strategic thinking and Cathy’s copywriting and marketing skills and how those skills were applied to the development of our marketing strategy. Janelle and Cathy were very professional at all times and we are very happy with the end product.

Jason Miller, Principal, PIE Solutions, Brisbane

Next steps

If you want your business to be seen differently, you need a branding strategy.

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