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Get the marketing plan you’ve never had time for

Most business owners and managers I work with get annoyed that they don’t have a marketing plan, and they never have time to get to it. That’s when they come to the realisation that it’s time to outsource to someone who does marketing planning on a day-to-day basis.

I’ve helped many Brisbane businesses with their marketing plans. The difference is that I’m a B2B specialist, so I understand complex products and services, long sales cycles, the need to generate and nurture leads, and ways to create awareness when you’re dealing with niche markets.

My clients typically want a marketing strategy

to solve some or all of these challenges:

Achieve specific business objectives and tie marketing in with sales

Identify key marketing materials required

Prioritise what to do and when and automate marketing processes

Create awareness in your target markets and grow loyalty and engagement

Launch a new product or enter new markets

Support the sales function, whether that’s direct or through-partner

Generate and nurture leads

Review and potentially replace existing providers

The Process

When we’ve already looked at your branding strategy, a lot of the foundational work is already in place. The marketing planning process is then about reviewing your existing methods and analytics, and exploring how to do things better.

You receive a comprehensive document that outlines:

  • the goals you want to achieve;
  • the strategies that will get you there;
  • detailed tactics, which are ranked by priority so that you know where to focus, so you can see what you need to do today, and where you can aim for tomorrow;
  • how best to measure marketing and which analytics to track.

Cathy has exceptional talent is extremely professional. She was able to capture the essence of Simient and distil it into clear and coherent messages for our target market. She is a rare find and I am exceptionally pleased that she continues to help us with our marketing journey.

John Stevenson, CEO, Simient

Next steps

If you want to lift your marketing game, you’re going to need a marketing strategy.

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