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High Tech

High Tech

I spent most of my in-house career in marketing
management in the IT sector.

And I fell in love with this dynamic industry. Products that are ever-changing, clever ideas, and clever people. It’s my #1 passion to help technology companies to market themselves.

In my experience, technology companies need:

Someone who can quickly pick up their products and business models and hit the ground running

Proper positioning and differentiation that sets you apart from competitors

Messaging that lifts above ‘tech speak’ and talks convincingly to your target market at a business level

An ongoing marketing engine that brings in leads and nurtures them into the sales funnel

The ability to launch a product with impact

Someone who can act on their behalf with customers and partners to achieve marketing goals

Technologies I’ve marketed

Over the years, I’ve worked on marketing plans and programs for many different technologies, including:

  • Business intelligence software
  • Construction software
  • CAD software
  • Geospatial and location-based services software
  • Courtroom recording solutions
  • Desktop logistics and asset management services
  • Infrastructure planning software
  • Gas detection technology
  • Solutions from Microsoft and SAP partners
  • Services companies moving into software
  • Global roaming SIM cards
  • IT hardware lifecycle services
  • Digital mapping cameras (plane mounted)

I know how to work successfully with your sales teams, partners, engineers, developers, and support to bring out the best in your product or service and put all the pieces together. An IT product manager I worked with a few years ago wrote:

“Cathy has done an incredible job…and is by far the best marketing manager I have worked with.”

Next steps

If you want to work with a specialist IT marketer who knows your industry and won’t get overwhelmed, get in contact for a chat below, or call me on 0405 335 688.

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